Why so much demand for Hyper?

‘Hyper’ Promotional Material gave a feeling that its more or less a commercial potboiler based on the father-son relationship. People questioned why Ram took the same old path which didn’t prove lucky for him.

Be it due to the commercial elements or tall claims of Producers, ‘Hyper’ satellite rights were bought by Zee Telugu for a whooping Rs 6.3 crore. This is a huge figure when compared to the market range of Ram. In addition, Hindi dubbing rights have fetched another Rs 2 crore.

Theatrical rights of ‘Hyper’ have been sold out for anywhere between Rs 15 to 20 crore. Overall, The pre-release business could be over Rs 25 crore.

Will the content of ‘Hyper’ brings profits to the investors? Wait till this Friday to know!!




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