Nayeem gifted Bullet-Proof Car to this MLA!

Its an undeniable fact that Gangster Nayeemuddin have close relations with Politicians, Cops and Mediapersons.

Speaking to a news channel, TRS Leader Dubbaka Narsimhareddy has made sensational comments. Apart from claiming he have no dealings what-so-ever with Nayeem, He clarified the gun license he have has nothing to do with the cases related to the Gangster. ‘Had if I was involved in Nayeem’s encounter, My name would have been included in the FIR. Konari Ramulu is a dear friend of mine and I don’t have any role in his death either. I obtained gun license as there is threat to my life,’ he said.

At the same time, Dubbaka launched attack on Komatireddy Venkatreddy whom according to him had close associating with Nayeem’s illegal activities. ‘In 2009, Nayeem gifted a bullet-proof car to Komatireddy. He took Nayeem’s help in 2014 polls. Komatireddy planned to kill me. I’m ready to cooperate with the investigation of SIT,’ informs the ruling party leader.




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