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Khaidi No 150 Review | Khaidi No 150 Rating – Given By FDFS Audience From Theaters


Chiranjeevi first role (Srinu) is a thief, who escapes from a Kolkata jail, and, he comes to Andhra Pradesh. He wants to escape to a foreign country, however, drops his plan after meeting heroine (Kajal Aggarwal) at the airport. He goes over his duplicate K.Shankanr (Chiranjeevi), who is being shot by a group of goons. He admits the last to a doctor’s facility and chooses to imitate him in the wake of learning that his twin is a post-graduate in hydrology and needs to help farmers in his village, which is at risk of being involved by a MNC, which needs to develop an industrial facility. How he battles for the villagers frames the core of the story.


  • Chiranjeevi acting is the major highlight of an entire movie. Especially he shows various in dual roles very well.
  • Kajal Aggarwal is acting pretty good.
  • Tarun Arora acted well in his circumstances in the movie what director has given.


  • Neeru Neeru Song Episode Biggest Positive point of the movie.
  • Chiranjeevi Introduction Scene Major Highlight of the Movie.
  • Coin Fight takes the movie into Next Level.
  • Interval Bang: Interval ends with Superb Dialogues (Warning To Tarun Arora).
  • Eye Feast For Mega Fans With Chiru Graceful Dance.
  • Climax Scene.
  • Farmers Mass Suicide Scene.
  • Flash Back Episode.
  • First Half.


  • Few of the scenes directly copied from Tamil Kaththi movie without Shoot.
  • Songs placement is disturbed to follow the movie.
  • Music Just Okay.
  • Worst BGM (As a Tamil Kaththi Movie Lover).
  • VFX Visuals.




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