Pennyslvania: A teen girl was raped and killed by her mother’s boyfriend, while the mother watched the incident for carnal pleasure in Pennyslvania, according to police officials.

According to a report in Mirror, 14-year-old Grace Packer was allegedly killed by her mother, Sara Packer and her boyfriend jacob Sullivan. Bucks County District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub was quoted as saying that the duo had plotted to beat, rape, poison and strangle the teen.

Weintraub was also reported to have said that the accused preserved the victim’s corpse in cat litter for weeks before dismembering and discarding it in north central Pennsylvania.

The teen’s remains were discovered by two hunters on October 31 in a wooded area close to a resevoir. However, the girl was reportedly missing since last July.

Grace was adopted by the accused, Sara, who was also her foster parent before adoption.

Sullivan (44) was taken in on Saturday after he declared that he was responsible for killing Grace to numerous workers at Abington Hospital-Jefferson Health.

During inquiry, Sullivan narrated how the girl was assaulted for over 18 hours and then murdered.

The couple had planned the murder from late 2015, when they returned from a stay with their extended family.

Sullivan was reported to have said that the couple drove Grace on the morning of July 8 to a new house in Richland Township.

Sullivan hit Grace numerous times in her face, splitting her lip, after they entered the house. The couple then took the teen to the third floor of the house where Sara watched Sullivan raping Grace.

Grace overdosed on painkillers after the duo told her that it would help reduce the pain. They left in an attic bound and gagged. Finding that she wasn’t dead even several hours later, Sullivan then strangled her to death.

To disguise the odour, the duo packed the corpse in cat litter and left it in the attic for three months.

Sara filed a missing person report with Abington Township Police three days later. She also allegedly withheld crucial information, misleading the police. This resulted in her arrest in November.

Also according to the report two weeks before Grace’s mutilated body was found Sara was captured on film buying a saw and two extra blades. Officials also discovered that the wound marks on her body resembled the bone saw.

Sullivan was tried on Monday before a magistrate judge on long list of charges. He was also denied bail and was ordered to be held at the Bucks County Correctional Facility until the preliminary hearing on January 20.

The mother, Sara, was arrested about three hours later and will be tried at noon on Monday.

Notably, Sullivan had been hospitalised since December 30, when he was found unconscious from a drug overdose at his house in Horsham. Sara was also found in a similar state on the same day, a consequence of a suicide pact they had made together.



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