A woman named Dhanalakshmi has stabbed 17 times by her partner in Elvinpeta, Kakinada. “Dhanalakshmi and Chandra Sekhar has been in a domestic partnership for 3 years since her husband’s death. Her partner Chandra Sekhar attacked her last night when she was coming from cloth show room where she works. He stabbed her 17 times by knife in which she was seriously injured and bled” say her family members. As Chandrasekhar has suspicion on her of having relationship with some other man he had such a horrific act. Chandrasekhar was caught by the police and he was also taken to the Kakinada Govt hospital as he got injured while stabbing her. Police took the testimony of Dhanalakishmi in which she said she has been harassed by him for giving him Rs 10000 for months on the denial of which he has shown his real face. Police are inquiring on and investigating the case.



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