There is no end to former TTD board member Shekar Reddy’s unaccounted money case, which also led to search operation by IT officials at Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary office and residence.

In what amounted to an indirect attack against CM Pannerselvam & BJP in centre, former CS Rammohana Rao appeared before media with investigation panchanama and alleged a conspiracy against him.

Mr. Rao said that CRPF has conducted an unconstitutional assault on his office, residence and asserts he’s still the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu. ‘When CRPF entered my house at gun point with an improper search warrant, what is state government doing?,’ Rao questioned government by adding that hardly 1.12 lakh of cash and small amount of gold and silver have been found in his residence.

Alleging a conspiracy against him, he says, “I am being targeted and my life is in danger. Had Amma been there, Tamil Nadu wouldn’t have seen this situation.” It’s known that Rammohana Rao was raided by IT officials last week after finding his name in secret documents at Shekar Reddy’s residence.

Beyond that, Rao makes an attempt to clarify that he’s no links with Shekar Reddy and when asked why his son’s name was included in the search warrant, CS said his son has got nothing to do with government business. Now that this is being seen as an attack against CM Pannerselvam, it may certainly cater a kind of boost to Sasikala’s group.



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