YSRCP Bags Pedana Municipality, Mandal Parishad seats

Machilipatnam: YSRCP on Thursday won the election for the Pedana Municipal Chairman. In an unexpected twist, TDP Councillor Sravanthi voted for YSRCP Chairman candidate Bandaru Ananda Prasad. With this one vote, Anand Prasad won the chairman election.

YSCRP and TDP won 11 councillor seats each in the recent elections for Pedana Municipality. The election for chairman held as the Pedana municipal chairman died.

YSRCP has also won Pedana Mandal Parishad as well. Out of the total nine seats, YSRCP won five and TDP four. YSRCP candidate Achyutha Raju elected as Chairman of Pedana Mandal Parishad.




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