Telugu Guy Involved in US Call Centre Fraud

Over 60 people have been taken into custody in connection with the recent call centre fraud in which as much as Rs 500 Cr was looted from the Americans. As per reports, a Telugu guy was one of the main accused in this scam.

The US authorities have reportedly taken over 50 Indians, some based in India and the others in the US, including the Telugu guy, into custody on charges of fraud and money laundering. They are charged for cheating people with a fake extraction scheme carried through phone calls, threatening the potential victims of arrest, deportation etc.

After obtaining information obtained from undisclosed sources, the group allegedly led by this Telugu guy, impersonated as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) authorities and Immigrant official to force the Americans pay non-existing tax dues through threating phone calls. The entire operation was run from five 24×7 call centres based in India while the American operations were taken care of by the Telugu guy.

The scam not just limited to the collection of payments from the potential victims. As soon as someone agreed to pay, the already in-place network made hefty purchases at various places using the secretive information.

All the arrested people have reportedly been presented before law.




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