Chandrababu Covers Charan’s 10 Cr Loss

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who has been striving to bring industries and high-tech services to the residual state, has reportedly announced a scheme to cover the losses of entrepreneurs.

It may be noted that Turbo Megha Airways, for which Ram Charan works as one of the Board of directors, has reportedly been sustaining losses by running services in Vijayawada-Kadapa and Vijayawada-Tirupathi routes. These routes command relatively less number of passengers.

Now, Chandrababu Naidu’s government has come to the rescue of Trujet and asked the airlines to continue the services irrespective of the losses. The state govt. promised to bear those losses under Viability Gap funding (VGF) scheme.

As per this scheme, the airline services in the aforementioned demand-less routes will be continued for four days a week. At this rate, govt. will have to pay Rs 9.76 crore to Trujet for running the services for one year. A GO has recently been issued according to which, Rs 4.9 crore was disbursed for six months of services.

Besides compensating the losses, the state govt. has demanded the airline to reserve 5 seats for govt. officials. Trujet runs ATR-72 planes which have seating capacity of 72. It was a fair deal for Trujet anyway.




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